Creative Science Park - Aveiro Region

Creative Science Park – Aveiro Region it’s a public Limited Company managed by PCI – Parque de Ciência e Inovação, SA, majority-owned by nonprofits, is a multi-polar space, which allows an easy and direct access to the Scientific Knowledge and Technology created in the universe of Aveiro University and its international networks .

Structure with  an expert leadership, which pretends to stimulate and manage flows of knowledge and technology between the scientific and technological system, the business sector and national and international markets, enhancing the creation and growth of companies based on innovation and strengthening region competitiveness.

Excellent space for innovation and creativity that allows the interaction between human resources with different skills and different sectors, aimed at stimulating new business projects, or research that provides new ways of value.




PCI-Parque de Ciência e Inovação S.A.

Via do Conhecimento - 3830-352 Ílhavo

NIPC: 509 574 254

Mat. C. R. C. de Ílhavo-nº: 509 574 254

Cap. Social: 7 500 000,00 euros