Integrated Strategic Areas

The Creative Science Park is focus to scientific, technological and educational production, and dissemination of knowledge in areas of national and regional bets as TICE, Materials, Sea, Agro-Industrial and Energy, intending to benefit from the dynamics and synergies arising from skills existing, particularly in training and R&D, and regional, national and international networks established, including the University of Aveiro and the Competitiveness and Clusters poles created or under development. The Park incorporates the priorities and guidelines set by the Region development Territorial program, particularly in conjunction with the strategic focus of the Business Gathering Areas.

These areas of interest correspond to consolidated areas of the University of Aveiro's scientific research (eg materials and TICE) and others (eg Sea, Agribusiness, Energy) who, not having the same external projection (because they are more recent ) have however a vast collection and scientific and technological resources and fit the core betting the University of Aveiro. These areas also corresponding to the dynamics of their participation in the Collective Efficiency Strategies regional and national. The Park strategic focus areas also reflect the common will of partners in betting on natural resources and historical region.

PCI-Parque de Ciência e Inovação S.A.

Via do Conhecimento - 3830-352 Ílhavo

NIPC: 509 574 254

Mat. C. R. C. de Ílhavo-nº: 509 574 254

Cap. Social: 7 500 000,00 euros