Strategic Areas

Linked with the main areas of  University of Aveiro
research expertise, these are the Integrated Strategic
Goals of Creative Science Park – Aveiro Region:
ICT, Materials, Ocean, Energy and Agro-Industrial

Innovation Services

Business support services for developing companies, integration in projects, technology platforms and national and international networks. Support services for intellectual property, licensing and product development, technological prospects in close relationship with the University of Aveiro. Actions aimed at social innovation and the collaborative economy centered on a strong partnership with the community and its main actors.


Space for receiving, stimulating and supporting
the incubation of innovative and promising ideas
based on projects of recognized high quality.
Technical support services are offered as 
well as administrative and management
services and others of added value for
technological development, strategic
advice, opportunities detection and

Creative Science Park - Aveiro Region Services Interest Form
The interested entities in the services of the Science and Innovation Park should fill out the following form: Click Here
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Creative Science Park - Aveiro Region adere à IASP
O Parque de Ciência e Inovação - Creative Science Park - Aveiro Region acaba de ver o seu conceito inovador reconhecido pela IASP - Associação Internacional dos Parques de Ciência e Tecnologia - com
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Creative Science Park

Creative Science Park – Aveiro Region it’s a public Limited Company managed by PCI – Parque de Ciência e Inovação, SA, majority-owned by nonprofits, is a multi-polar space, which allows an easy and direct access to the Scientific Knowledge and Technology created in the universe of Aveiro University and its international networks .

Structure with  an expert leadership, which pretends to stimulate and manage flows of knowledge and technology between the scientific and technological system, the business sector and national and international markets, enhancing the creation and growth of companies based on innovation and strengthening region competitiveness.


PCI-Parque de Ciência e Inovação S.A.

Av. 25 de Abril - 3830-044 Ílhavo

NIPC: 509 574 254

Mat. C. R. C. de Ílhavo-nº: 509 574 254

Cap. Social: 7 500 000,00 euros